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The following list of members of the ICDM is current as of January 2016:

  • Dr. P.G. Baines, Emeritus Member (Australia) p.baines(at) - dynamic meteorology and climatology, topographic effects, oceanography
  • Prof. Elizabeth A. Barnes - jet-stream variability, climate change, Rossby-wave dynamics, tropospheric transport and mixing, air quality
  • Dr. Craig H. Bishop (USA) bishop(at) - data assimilation and ensemble techniques
  • Dr. Iracema F. A. Cavalcanti (Brazil) iracema.cavalcanti(at) - climate variability, teleconnections, climate dynamics and climate change
  • Dr. Wansuo Duan (China) duanws(at) - climate predictability, target observation, data assimilation, ensemble forecast
  • Prof. Richard Grotjahn, President (USA) grotjahn(at) - large-scale and climate dynamics, atmospheric general circulation, climate modeling, extreme events
  • Dr. Vanda Grubišic - mesoscale dynamics, mountain meteorology, boundary-layer in complex terrain, observations, numerical modeling
  • Dr. Nili Harnik Secretary (Israel) harnik(at) - dynamics and instability of shear flows, waves, atmospheric dynamics, stratospheric circulation, storm tracks
  • Prof. Patrick A. Harr (USA) paharr(at) - tropical meteorology, tropical cyclones, tropical-extratropical interactions
  • Dr. Christian Keil (Germany) christian.keil(at) - high-resolution numerical modeling, ensemble forecasting and predictability
  • Prof. Jianping Li (China) ljp(at) - monsoons, climate, predictability, and annular modes
  • Dr. Olivia Martius (Swizerland) olivia.romppainen (at) - dynamics of short-term climate variation and links to extreme events
  • Prof. Hisashi Nakamura (Japan) hisashi(at) - storm track dynamics, Rossby wave teleconnection, large-scale air-sea interaction in the extratropics, decadal-scale climate variability
  • Prof. Sumant Nigam (USA) nigam(at) - Atmospheric general circulation, climate variability mechanisms, tropical ocean-atmosphere interaction, hydroclimate variability and droughts, monsoons, climate model assessments, and characterization of multidecadal variability and secular change in climate records
  • Prof. Michael Reeder (Australia) michael.reeder(at) - Large-scale tropical circulations, monsoons, fronts and extratropical cyclones, dynamics of Rossby waves, organization of tropical convection and tropical cyclones, gravity waves, internal undular bores, dynamics and weather of wildfires
  • Dr. Irina Repina (Russia) repina(at) - air-sea interaction, atmospheric boundary layer, meso-scale atmospheric processes
  • Dr. Gwendal Riviere - Extratropical cyclones and extreme events, large scale Rossby waves, low frequency variability, mid latitude air sea interactions, GFD Instabilities, Wave-mean flow interactions, predictability
  • Prof. Dr. Mathias Rotach - Boundary Layer dynamics, mountain meteorology, atmospheric dynamics, high-resolution numerical modeling
  • Prof. Thomas Spengler (Norway) thomas.spengler(at) - Rossby waves, polar Lows, tropical-extratropical interactions, teleconnections, baroclinic instability, heat lows, alpine valley winds, flow over and around orography
  • Dr. Richard Swinbank, Past President, (UK) richard.swinbank(at) - ensemble forecasting, data assimilation, predictability, stratospheric dynamics and global circulation
  • Prof. Istvan Szunyogh (USA) szunyogh(at) - atmospheric predictability, data assimilation, ensemble forecasting
  • Dr. Tim Woollings (UK) woollings(at) - Storm tracks, blocking, atmosphere-ocean interaction, low- frequency variability and climate change
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